Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Flora Pro Activ

An animation I worked on at Th1ng, under the wonderful direction of Chris Cray - I was whisked away at the end to another job, so there are amendments that have happened since I worked on the animation. But thnakfully me pepper, calendar, scale and clipboard animations will still kept in! *sigh of relief*

Here's just a little clip of the extended version of the calendar:

The good life

Just thought, despite being a while ago I'd post up the Holland and Barrett TV advert I worked on a while ago. There are three more to come, so keep an eye out on TV and I shall post them up soon when they're online.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bang! Pff! Smoke!

My first proper time animating explosions. Well it's a start at least.

Magazine Doodles


So a couple of weeks ago (or however longs it's been, time has been flying by of late) I went to Pick Me Up, a graphic and illustration exhibition at Somerset House. An artist from whom I bought a print from was the talented Hatti Stewart, how illustration work on display mainly consisted of her doctored magazine images. Stewart has a real talent for distorting known images into something far more interesting that they were initially, taking the everyday image of a beautiful woman posing seductively for the camera, Stewart transforms the image into something far more stand out - using patterns, text and big eyes reminiscent of early Mickey mouse disney cartoons.

There is a lot more to Stewarts work than doodling on magazines, I would definitely recommend having a look on her website at all the lovely things she produces. Treat for the eyes.

I thought I might try my hand at it when I was passed a Stylist on the way to the overground, it turns out however, that I don't have a natural talent for this. It's actually a lot harder than it looks. For some reason I ended up turning all the woman I came across in the pages as tattooed crack dealers. Not ideal.