Wednesday, 5 October 2011

If I were a man....

...I wouldn't grow a beard like this, simply through fear of a small ferret potentially trying to make it it's new home, and the fact that it looks a little on the itchy side.


  1. brilliant cross hatching.
    i want a man tash but i just dont think im ready

  2. Thanks hun, initially there was very little, but then I became possessed by the hatching hand. And yes 'The Hatching Hand' is now a thing, that I just made up.
    GET A TASH! It's getting cold outside, you need something to keep your face warm. I will however laugh in your face when I first see it, but don't let that deter you, your profile pic has a tash that means you kind of have to have on too!

  3. i like the sound of ' the hatching hand'
    ive done a tash before for like two days, it wasnt powerful enough to sustain and like my avatar turnd very ginger. fail