Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Girl at a Window

My final film from my postgrad at Central St.Martins, which I only just realised that I never posted on here. Have a look if you fancy, here's the synopsis for it that a tutor helped me to articulate (I'm not so good with the words). Oh and the credits go on for like a year, so apologies if you really want to read them.

Synopsis: ‘A Girl at a Window’ was named after and inspired by the painting by Louis-Leopold Boilly. The film investigates the painting’s themes of voyeurism: of looking and being looked at. I enjoyed the symbolism of the telescope, an apparatus that looks outward, contratsed against the fishbowl, an object one looks into. I was inturigued by how the painting was of a mounted engraving, that it had been created from another’s interpretation of reality.

Using a minimalist aesthetic in Flash, the animation explores issues of subjectivity and identity through the portrayal of a young woman who feels disconnected from the world. The character is self-conscious, existing in a society that places great value on how one portrays one’s self to the world; leading her to feel trapped by social and societal pressures, feeling she must perform for others, yearning for the freedom from the gaze of others.

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