Friday, 30 September 2011

A word to the creative beginner...

I had just been watching Ira Glass on YouTube, checking out his thoughts on storytelling as I had noticed a sudden surge of posts on Facebook of this quote, that I am reposting below. It's actually a really good thing to hear, especially if you're like me and just starting a new career path

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Postmodernism ay?

Yesterday I travelled into town due to winning free tickets for a screening in the eve. As usual I had to pay a ridiculous amount of money to travel, so I went up ealry(ish) to cram in lots of things to make sure I gained the full use of my travel card. Sometimes it gets to the stage where I am aimlessly travelling around on buses just to make the travel card worth it, it's definitely a different way to spend the day. However, there were no long bus journey's yesterday, it was straight off to the V&A for the Postmodernism: Style and Subversion exhibition.

This exhibition was a strange choice for me, because I actually really didn't like Postmodern art, perhaps due to ignorance, the lack of understanding of it's root, I just wasn't a fan. I however think it's important to experience a more diverse array of subject matter, even if it's work you don't necessarily like or appreciate initially. Of all the movements, Postmodernism is perhaps the most controversial, it is the unstable mix of theatrical and theoretical. The exhibition itself begins with the death of Modernism, and moves onto the birth of Postmodernism, that claims to have begun in many different places at many different times. Coming from the either/or ideas of Modernism, Postmodernism I have learnt was the both/and, which I felt to be, in an ideal instances a wonderful way to approach creative subject matter.

'The Other Figure' (1984) Giulio Paolini

Melancholy was one aspect of the Postmodern regard for the past, which I didn't fully appreciate. I was kind aware of their attitude to the past, and I now realise that that may be a reason for my distaste for Postmodern art. Despite their use of bright tantalising colours, and playful designs there is that feeling of disconnect, disillusionment. I feel a lot of sorrow attached to the Postmodern art movement.

The idea that no single strategy binds postmodernism together is an idea I have time for. The movement was a convergence of like-minded practitioners, having the feeling of one large collective. In saying that, I find it quite typical that a popular style would be the method of Bricolage, the cut and paste technique. My favourite example of this from the exhibition was Alessandro Mendini's "Proust Chair" (1978), above. It is a classic Postmodern bricolage, it's title is taken from literature, it's form from Baroque furniture, and the decoration from Pointalist painter, Paul Signac.

As we move on, we are then introduced to the New Wave. The desire to combine subversive statements with commercial appeal. It was I think the late 80s, and for this generation there was no space between avant-garde and commercial spheres. The complete blending of the two was itself a Postmodern phenomenon. The exhibition carries on into Postmodernism's downfall, we gaining an understanding here of how the movement became entangled in the very circuits of money and influence that it had initially sought to dismantle. 

I feel as though I may be boring some now, I have tried to highlight certain areas of the exhibition I enjoyed and things that I had learnt, but if I continue I'll only end up ranting and no one would want to be reading that. So instead I shall recommend you take a visit down to the the V&A (half price tickets if you've got an ArtFund card) if you want a learning experience, the exhibition is essentially a historical account of the art movement. In all honesty the exhibition was really enjoyable, it was the first time I actually understood what postmodernism was and found it to be wonderfully accessible. I still wouldn't say I am a fan of the movement, but I do feel now that I appreciate it far more than before and I think the exhibition/work definitely asks you to engage which for some may be too much, but I am sure there are those of you out there who would enjoy the challenge.

One last thing. The image above, by Jenny Holzer is the image I chose to end on because it was an all purpose admonition to herself and others. It encapsulates perfectly the ambivalence about commodity culture felt by many in the 1980s - and still felt by myself today.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

We may like eggs, but that doesn't mean they like us

This was an illustration I did a while back, and since starting the course I had always thought it would be fun to animate a little cycle of it. So I have finally gotten around to doing it, although the timing in the cycle had not been best thought out, but this is what I've got so far.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My friends are so pretty

Whilst at my house earlier this summer three friends and I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon with home made cocktails (Elderflower martinis are just yummy), apple shisha, mini bonfire and some soft jazz - I realise that this does all sounds very pleasant so obviously that had to be corrected. And so began the game (which is incredibly entertaining after you've polished of a considerable amount of pimms, rum and four too many bottles of red) of who can pull the ugliest face. I today found the just incredible photos from that evening, and knowing in advance that if I were to post any of the actually photos up I would be getting a shoe to the face, I thought instead I would post a series of illustrations of the photos - so technically this isn't actually a picture of my friend Po, it's just a drawing, technically.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How do you bring to life the joy of twirling?

This ad just makes my face happy. I love the idea, the constructions of it, the micro situations contributing to an overall feeling of yummy joy.

My favourites are the office works, and the robots, and the penguins washing their armpits, and well kind of the whole damn thing.... and I don't even like chocolate!

Keep it real baby seal

Right now I'm a rather confused little duckling. I don't really understand why Coke is trying to teach me life lessons, I mean of all companies, really?

Monday, 19 September 2011

August Showreel 2011

Good afternoon, just wanted to post my updated showreel, I've just added a few new clips from jobs I've had since school ended. I would really appreciate any feedback, or advice on how to improve it so that one day some nice employer person will invite me into their studio family - that's the dream!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Evening Standard Inspiration

On the long commute home this evening I found yesterdays Evening Standard shoved in the bottom of my laptop case. As I was flicking through the pages I started to read an article entitled '30 things to do before you're 30'. It listed the obvious, and then a few not so obvious but actually quite good ideas, and left me feeling as though I should aim for a vague few of their suggestions before I hit the big 3, 0.

But in any case, I made this little drawing in my notebook whilst travelling home wondering if any of the goals were actually achievable. The 3 holds the first fifteen, and the 0 that has been saved for tomorrows train journey is yet to come. The thing I enjoyed most about making this drawing, is that when I looked up and turned around, (which I did unusually slowly, laying a feeling that I must of been tense with resentment - although I was in fact quite chipper) the man sitting next to me jolted back from his original position, which was right over my shoulder and shouted "I'M SORRY" at me. Incredibly funny, especially for it being in the context of the quiet carriage.