Thursday, 7 July 2011

Scared of colour much?

It's not exactly that I'm scared of using colour in my work, but more that I love black and white and find that you can be so incredibly emotive with different lines, marks and shadings. This has led to me finding colour not always necessary, and also tricky to get right - yeah basically I'm kind scared of colours.

This said I am trying to ease my way in to using colour by going over some of my old cycles and adding colour to them...

As you can see from my first colour attempt I went with the subtle approach. Round two I will definitely, kind of, maybe, push myself to use more colour.


  1. Thank you!! I have to admit I really admire your watercolour skills I saw in your last post, they're really beautiful

  2. Wow really? That's very kind of you
    In reality I am very new to the aquarelle