Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Birthday Gift

With every birthday brings "wisdom", but more importantly presents. The most charming this year being a gift from my brother, Subversive Cross Stitch by Julie Jackson. Whilst casually strolling through the web a while ago, I stumbled across Jackson's unique cross stitch and when I found out she was publishing a book I knew that a quick email to the brother would ensure summer evenings cross stitching in the garden.

So after a lot of giggling at abuse wrapped up in a quaint  little bow I got stitching. As much as it would have made sense to stick to the patterns given in the book I jumped straight onto the lyrics of the song I was listening to at the time...

Using some snazzy thread I found in my toolbox I became kind of proud of the whole thing, I think theres just something very fulfilling about seeing something develop quickly and actually turning out alright. So I kind of got a bit over excited about doing more so I've ended up spending the afternoon doing another piece (housewarming gift, two birds one stone) and turned it's creation into a (not so exciting) little animation. I think at some point I'd like to make it something more interesting, music, a proper ending, but for a little experiment today it's fine...


  1. thanks frankie, still working away between bowls of cauliflower

  2. cauliflower?? i dont get it, ur only eating cauliflower or sumink?
    thanks i dont like that monkey tho so i changed him!!it felt a bit void of character.
    i really like this! could be good to use as part of the branding for yourself like the header for the blog or your contact details on your reel. makes a nice typeface that matches the aesthetic of your animation work- crisp, clean and hand made.
    still got lots to do!!arh!

  3. Yeah I've become a bit obsessed with eating cauliflower, I'm eating quite substantial amount a day, it's just odd. He was cute, but I imagine that he's the character to aspire to so probably best you changed him as the other monkey definitely dominates interest.
    Aw cheers man, I'll definitely think about it, although I need to stop cross stitching and get a job!! Eeek.
    You've still another week right, I'm sure it'll come together beautifully