Saturday, 21 May 2011

Rough Cut 'A Girl at a Window'

So here is the near to final timings for my animation for my final project at St.Martins:

Yesterday we had the critique session with my fellow students, tutors and Lee and Jo from the National Gallery. The comments that were made include, advice from Steve advised to watch my eyes - ensuring that they don't widen as the animation goes on. He also inquired as to whether the TV would be used in the final piece, which I stated it would most certainly not be.

Birgitta commented that in the initial part of my animation, and she felt that my character design was too similar to another animator, Erica Russell. I have since research her as I was unaware of her existence prior to Birgitta's comment and can see some similarity in the structuring of the limbs.

Taking this into consideration when reanimating this section I shall definitely be careful to try make my design less similar with that of Russell's. Overall though I think the feedback was quite positive, so I now just need to finish animating and draw up my backgrounds. FIngers crossed it shall all go smoothly.


  1. Hannah! I litterally love the facial expressions of your character, they deliver her feelings very well. I can see now the thing about the character design in the initial part of the animation, though, I think it's brilliant and so it will be if you make some little changes to your character design! Keep up the good work, darling!:) XXX

  2. I don't think the Russel one is like yours at all, albeit I only watched 10 seconds. I mean, yes it is a sequence of dancing, but that seems to be all airy fairy, so I'm not getting much idea of weight and the figures look a bit more enlongated.

    Frankie has a crocodile. Natasha has a bunny.