Friday, 13 May 2011

Let us dance

So this week I began to animate the beginning of my animation, finally.
This is the bit I have been rather excited about animating as I thought the wonderfully fluid motion of a dance would be really fun to animate. I have however found it difficult to let go and create a really loose movement, so here you will see the first layout of the dance. I will be going back over it, trying to create more flow, with a looser line. But for the moment this is how the dance is looking.

The first animation is a demonstration of my initial timing:

The timing here as I have been made aware of by my wonderful fellow students is a little slow, breaking the flow of the dance and not allowing the transformation to be as punchy as I would have liked. So I have since reworked the timing in the hope to establish that when the movement breaks the character transforms:

So it would be great to hear what you think of the timing of this.

This, like I said is the trial version, so when it comes to the clean up the style of the piece will be different. I am aiming to keep the sketchy line, but have it a lot finer than the one I have been using here. I also hope to push this animated section further when it comes to reanimating, extening the lines of follow through, a lot like in this animation created by Ryan Woodward. This animation was actually the inspiration by behind my initial thought process for the dance:

It would be great to hear your thoughts on this scene, and hopefully soon I shall have a sample of the clean up to post.

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  1. looking so much better already. has a lot more life and energy now. i think the jumps have made a huge difference, esp the first one and i would probably push those moments (after friday) to emphasis the freedom of the dance. don't be afraid to hold the second jump in the air for a few more frames (think beach ball) as its a really expressive pose. for some reason i want to see a small spin at 0.14- 0.15 which builds up to the second, larger spin (very lovely btw) i think you have made the most from your footage so now you should break away from it and add more of you animation flair as its already made a huge improvement.
    this is all my own opinion and despite popular belief i don't actually know that much about dance but all i can say is I want your project now!
    wonderful stuff