Friday, 27 May 2011

Talk Talk Stop Motion

The new Talk Talk advert created by CHI & Partners and directed Adam Berg is the sweetest thing!! The stop frame animation is so wonderfully done. The fine details of the animation really pull it together, such as the movement of the superhero's eyes which are just lovely. This animation definitely made me feel the need to pick up my phone and call a friend to catch up.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Rough Cut 'A Girl at a Window'

So here is the near to final timings for my animation for my final project at St.Martins:

Yesterday we had the critique session with my fellow students, tutors and Lee and Jo from the National Gallery. The comments that were made include, advice from Steve advised to watch my eyes - ensuring that they don't widen as the animation goes on. He also inquired as to whether the TV would be used in the final piece, which I stated it would most certainly not be.

Birgitta commented that in the initial part of my animation, and she felt that my character design was too similar to another animator, Erica Russell. I have since research her as I was unaware of her existence prior to Birgitta's comment and can see some similarity in the structuring of the limbs.

Taking this into consideration when reanimating this section I shall definitely be careful to try make my design less similar with that of Russell's. Overall though I think the feedback was quite positive, so I now just need to finish animating and draw up my backgrounds. FIngers crossed it shall all go smoothly.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Addiction Series

Nick Ballon is a photographer I discovered recently, his personal project 'Addiction' I thought was really interesting. 'Addiction' is an ongoing project of Ballon's looking at naturally occurring physical features that consume our everyday behaviour. I thought that the topic was significant, as we all have addictions whether it be smoking or picking nail varnish and Ballon's view on this subject I find to be rather refreshing.

Kumi Yamashita

I stumbled across Yamashita's work today, and was simply spellbound by her mastery of the manipulation of light and shadows. I have personally seen very few artist who manipulate light to create alluring shadows, none of whom have created such crisp and unique shadows as these.

Yamashita's further exploration of contorting light has led her to create moving shadows, such as in her piece Dialogue...

Light and shadows are not however, the only medium that Yamashita works with. Her broad spectrum of media, also includes most interestingly the use of brads (which is what they're called, although I think its just a fancy way of saying pins) and thread on board. An example of such is here, I think the effects is spectacular, especially with consideration to how it was created.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Let us dance

So this week I began to animate the beginning of my animation, finally.
This is the bit I have been rather excited about animating as I thought the wonderfully fluid motion of a dance would be really fun to animate. I have however found it difficult to let go and create a really loose movement, so here you will see the first layout of the dance. I will be going back over it, trying to create more flow, with a looser line. But for the moment this is how the dance is looking.

The first animation is a demonstration of my initial timing:

The timing here as I have been made aware of by my wonderful fellow students is a little slow, breaking the flow of the dance and not allowing the transformation to be as punchy as I would have liked. So I have since reworked the timing in the hope to establish that when the movement breaks the character transforms:

So it would be great to hear what you think of the timing of this.

This, like I said is the trial version, so when it comes to the clean up the style of the piece will be different. I am aiming to keep the sketchy line, but have it a lot finer than the one I have been using here. I also hope to push this animated section further when it comes to reanimating, extening the lines of follow through, a lot like in this animation created by Ryan Woodward. This animation was actually the inspiration by behind my initial thought process for the dance:

It would be great to hear your thoughts on this scene, and hopefully soon I shall have a sample of the clean up to post.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Over Grown

I came across this work by Chrissie Macdonald whilst on the Peepshow Collective blog, and just found there to be something really wonderful about the images. I love this idea of nature breaking through bland concrete man made offices, and growing freely and quaintly. The photography by John Short, I also think is masterfully done.


This morning I have been scrolling through zine after zine. Before 8 o'clock however, I  didn't even know what a zine was, and now I'm obsessed (I've even downloaded an app for my phone that previews zines - geeky, I know).

So, a zine is a small circulation publication of original or appropriated texts and images. More broadly, the term encompasses any self-published work of minority interest usually reproduced via photocopier (thanks Wikipedia!)

by Geoff McFetrigde

Now what led me to learning about zines was the publication of a new book 'Behind the Zines: Self Publishing Culture', which looks at an array of zines. The zines that caught my eye were the ones published by Nieves, with the amount of illustrators they have, with the most varied styles makes their website really interesting to browse.

Featured illustrators include...

Wesley Willis

Andre Wekua

Matt Lock

Taylor McKimens

Stefan Marx

Rick Myers

Raffi Kalenderian

Mark delong

Marc Bell

Yukari Miyagi

Flag (dimitri Broquard and Bastein Aubry)

Behind the Zines: Self Publishing Culture edited by Robert Klanted, Adeline Mollard and Matthias Hubner, with text written by Sonja Commentz and published by die Gestalten Verlag

Friday, 6 May 2011

Decline in speed

So for the last two weeks work has been rather slow, due mainly to numerous bank holidays and a little wedding at Westminster, but here are the scenes I've been working on...

This scene still needs to be inbetweened, but I think its looking alright at the moment. This next scene is still very much in the process, but I just thought I'd put it up and show you guys what I have been working on this week and am hoping to finish today...

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Work during the Easter holidays, hero.

So for the last couple of weeks, over the Easter holidays, I've been attempting to get mass amounts of work done for this final project. As I am certain you are aware when it's sunny outside and you technically on holiday it's rather difficult to work. Despite this I have achieved something over the holidays so here are some scenes I've been working on...

The first bit of animation I did over the holidays was the smallest, and I thought easiest section of my animation. However, as you can see I've just ended up making my girl look kind of creepy, so shall not be using this. Although it was good practise to get used to flash and my tablet, that previous to this I haven't had much experience using.

This was the second scene I worked on over the holidays, which I've posted about before. I decided to go with the second keys that I had in mind, but ended up getting quite obsessed with this section -  reworking over and over, tampering with the timing constantly.

So for now I've kind of pushed it to the side, in the hope of animating the rest of my animation and coming back to it. This scene obviously needs sections boiling and inbetweening, but let me know what you think...

Coping with the commute

Studying in london as amazing as it is can be a real pain in the arse, especially when you have to commute in from home. Thankfully I have a wonderful subscription to Popshot magazine, which definitely helps me deal with the mundane business of sitting on a train/bus for an hour and a half or so, squished next to some sweaty businessman who insist of flicking his newspaper in my face.

Popshot is a poetry and illustrations magazine, every issue has a theme such as childhood or liberation and is packed full of charming illustrators and really touching poems. They also have some very interesting interviews such as with one of my favourite illustrators, Mr.Bingo.

I first discovered Mr. Bingo when I was at the 'Pick Me Up' exhibition at Somerset House last year, what I loved about his work and found to be most memorable was his humour. Mr. Bingo sense of humour may be a little crude for some peoples taste, but I really think that it compliments his illustrative style, and well is just plain amusing.

So if you are like me and have a long commute into work everyday, then I recommend subscribing to Popshot, as its a really nice read and definitely different to the Heats and Hello magazines that I usually see people scanning through on trains and buses.

A different kind of Stop Motion

Here I present to you a new advert for MTV Brazil, produced by ParanoidBR and directed by Dulcidio Calderia. This use of stop motion, I was initially excited to see, the notion of popping 10 balloons per second to create a moving image I believed would look amazing. The result however, was a little disappointing, despite my instant "wow thats cool" reaction I soon found that the message of the piece was unclear and the execution was foggy. I still think it's a nice advert, it's playful and unusual and has a good capacity to go viral.