Monday, 11 April 2011

Starting in the middle

So where better place to start animating than right in the middle. On starting my final project I began with the scene just after my character had turned back to the screen after looking behind her, finding that the woman in the TV had gone. My inital animation went something like this:

After producing this I had an acting class with Joe wild where we learnt about the planes that box in a character and theories on where the body work in terms of core parts being above or below a table. During these sessions I refilmed this section of my animation and then keyed out this scene (which has not yet been timed properly).

After working with Joe I realised that the original look down of disappointment was rather forced, I was trying too hard to sell the emotion. With this in mind I think the second will probably work more efficiently, removing the look down but mainting the longing, I can establish a feeling of reflection ands uncertainty. I'm still unsure which I will go with yet, suggestions and advice welcome!


  1. I definately think the 2nd one is better, the first one looks a bit like a scowl! but maybe you should hold that last long longer and try a slight look away or down. Or maybe just pursing the lips together? Something tiny! It's looking great :)

  2. Thanks lady! I've actually redone this sections (with the second version) and I've got her held for longer at the end, with a glance at the floor - great mind friend!! I should probably post that up here actually