Monday, 4 April 2011

Mc Bess

Talented. Yeah just a little. He's only a director at the Mill, an Illustrator, guitarist in a band, you know the usual all rounder. I personally adore black and white illustrations andesign, partly because colour intimidates me and partly because I think theres something more skillful about creating artwork with such a limited colour palette - I definitely think that Mc Bess proves the latter.

As you can see Mc Bess's illustrations have a mixture of 80s cartoon style characters  contrasted against a lot of detailed shading ancontemporary typefaces.
Now if you didn't know, I am a massive lover of hand render typefaces and anyone who absorbs such typefaces into their illustrative work is a win in my book, so I think you can understand why Mc Bess is right up my street. What I only discovered recently however is the work Mc Bess has done with animation, heres an animation he's produced for the band he's in 'The dead pirates':

WOOD from mc bess on Vimeo.

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  1. Has this guy worked for Front magazine cos his designs look familiar.