Tuesday, 12 April 2011

From a director of South Park

Ryan Quincy kicked off the talks at Berlin-based character culture festival Pictoplasmaon recently, discussing his work with South Park, and his own series Out There. I came across an animation of his today, in the style of his series Out There. The style of animation he's using here, in contrast to that of South Park is a lot more evokative and melancholic, which I really like.

Quincy has some really charming designs that you may fancy checking out on his website http://www.ryanquincy.com/


  1. hey hey thanks for your comment, im still alive and kicking!just been stuck at home with builders that were suppose to finish 2weeks ago!!
    yeh the transitions a bit quick will look to extend that part, need to cut it down tho as its still quite epic! no backflips just yet tho!
    hows you work going??flash still being nice to you?
    working while its 25 degrees and sunny outside aint easy!

  2. I'm impressed that you've avoid all the back flips, although I still prefer the ending where you kill a helicopter with a car as the couple get jiggy on screen. Ha. No I love the spray of petals as she leaps into his arms, it didn't make me think of blood, until you mentioned it.
    Works going ok, just really slowly it's taken me two weeks to produce well not a lot at all, so as usual I am worried. But on the upside me and flash are getting on well (touch wood this continues). You going to be in the studio this week? Uh the sun as much as I love it is making me sad. I should be at the beach rather than in the studio!

  3. haha i will save that ending for another time, maybe when im unemployed after we graduate ill do it.im sure what youve done will look beautiful, just upload it so i can see!oh good ur relationship with flash is blossoming keep it up!ill be back in studio next week for sure.