Friday, 1 April 2011

Final Project Proposal

For our final projects at St.Martin's we were given a brief entitled "Transcriptions", which is in association with the National Gallery. We have had to choose a National Gallery owned painting and use it as the inspiration for our final film.
The painting I have chosen is 'A Girl at a Window' by Louis-Leopold Boilly (1799)


My proposed animation wants to reflect the idea of vision and illusion that is played upon within this painting.

My animation wants to begin with the undefined form of a women dancing around the screen, mirroring the way a fish swims around its bowl. Every time the figure recognises the audiences gaze a limb transforms into a more structured human limb, weighing the otherwise weightless figure down. The figure slowly transforms fully into human and walks towards the screen staring out at the audience, it raises a hand to touch the screen and we witness another hand that appears to be on our side, come up to the screen mirroring the woman inside. The camera then pulls out and round revealing the woman that the figure has transformed into is real, and has been watching the transformation on the screen of a television, through a window. The two mirrored women gaze at each other in wonder, until their gaze is broken by the 'real' woman being accidentally nudged by a passer by. On looking back the women in the screen has disappeared. The real women stands up and walks off, glancing back at the screen. The camera then pulls out further and further, until it pulls out into a living room and we realise that the 'real' woman too was on a TV screen.

I was trying here to play with the idea of how looking outwards can affect you inwardly; as well as toy with the freedom you receive within the screen, which you cannot recreate in reality.
After sending off my propsal to the National Gallery it was approved, now I have just had to get started on an Animatic to present to my class and tutors, working out the timing of my animation.

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