Monday, 11 April 2011

Final Project Animatic

Since working out my animation and storyboarding using thumbnails a couple of times I began acting out the sequence and filming it. The start to my animation was going to have more of a fish like character moving in a circular direction around the screen - replicating the feelings evoked by the fish bowl, but after talking with my tutor Steve I realised that it would be more beneficial to revert back to the original idea of the dance.

So, a dance. Well anyone who's seen me dance knows that it would not be a good idea for me to choreograph this solo, as it would most likely end up looking like your drunk uncle at christmas. I enlisted the help of my fabulous friend Kate Tittley, who graduated from the University of Surrey last summer with a degree in dance. Kate and myself, but mainly Kate, then went on to choreograph the dance and on Monday morning I arranged with my old boss to use the dance floor of his bar, as a place to film.  By Monday evening we were done and I began to key the dance for my animatic.

Here now is the animatic for my animation, which is mainly the key poses that I shall be animating between:

Animatic Proposal from Hannah Lau-Walker on Vimeo.

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