Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Beginning

In the beginning there was nothing. But then, there was animation.

So started my post graduate diploma in Character Animation at Central St.Martins in London in September, and since that point have been putting off setting up a blog. However, the time has come! So here we are, firstly some background info, if your interested: I graduated from the University of Leeds, earning a BA Hons in Graphic and communication designs in 2009, spending the summer after that looking at an array of different options I could go into, wanting to specialise. I spent a short while studying Children's book illustrations at varying institutions in London, until a realisation occurred and I found Animation. It was then that I applied to St.Martins and got accepted, and started for the first time, animating. So thats the boring bit done, now onto the animation.

So here is a selection of my first terms work, now I would like you to keep in mind that before this point I had never animated before so this blog is more a look at the progression of my skills, so don't judge me too harshly, please.

Man Catching Train - my first attempt at making man walk

Circus - first use of smearing. Apologises for the quality of the animation, I realise you can barely see but its all apart of the learning process, right?

Flying Pig - Hes got one dodgy wing, but he's flying!

Walk Cycle (works on a loop) - I would have liked to put some secondary animation into his hat, but lack of time didn't allow it in the end which is a shame.

Four Legged Walk (works on a loop) - My little pony, this is actually one of my favourite from last term

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